Connecting the benefits of community giving and family engagement through literacy!

A family engagement fundraising program that aligns to what is taught in the classroom  - not products sold!


An innovative approach to fundraising that school administrators and faculty will embrace providing your community an education-based fundraiser that is focused on getting kids excited about reading books and giving back.


Finally, a school fundraiser that can be used to supplement what is already being taught in the classroom. RFMS provides teachers with the tools to create a connection with their students through improving literacy skills.


A fun and engaging fundraiser that gets kids excited about reading books while at the same time, teaches the importance of giving back to their school and community through your  cause-marketing message.

RFMS supports your fundraising needs.

No matter what type of read-a-thon you are looking to promote, we've got you covered!

School Fundraiser

A large team-based reading and fundraising challenge that supports your community group needs. 

Grade-Level Fundraiser

Promote a grade-level challenge to financially support a group school activity - example: 5th Grade Camp.

Classroom Fundraiser

Promote a single team classroom fundraiser to financially support new books for your classroom library!

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