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We are excited to team up with the NYS PTA so every school, library, organization can gain an economic advantage while running its own PARP program. 

Read for My School offers an easy and fun way to raise funds while reading! This innovative approach to school fundraising empowers you to promote school wide reading competitions in less than 30 MINUTES! Students can personalize their own donation page, track real-time reading progress against goals you manage, and share their achievements with friends and family to generate fundraising support. You can even customize your own leaderboard to drive hallway chatter and motivate children to your read-a-thon finish line! Read for My School provides these services at NO COST for your organization to setup and  to use our software and NO COST for your student to participate!

Read for My School provides a safe and secure payment solution partnering with Stripe for easy and secure processing of all online pledge donations straight into your PTA bank account. It is FREE to setup and takes only a few minutes to setup. We also provide amazing prize incentives and cash back discounts so the more you fundraise, the more you earn for your school.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s create a fundraiser start reading and fundraising today! For additional support, please access our RFMS Toolkit.


A Message from NYS PTA Executive Director

"When we first saw Read for My School, we knew it would be the perfect addition to our state reading program, Pick a Reading Partner ("PARP"). Read for My School’s unique technology and mobile-friendly design will enable our regional units a fun and engaging approach to improve student reading habits through PARP while providing a digital fundraising solution that can easily be adapted to support large school or small classroom fundraisers."

Kyle Belokopitsky

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Read for My School provides the tools for you to promote a custom reading and fundraising challenge that aligns to our core values - improving childhood literacy skills and giving back to schools.


Create the FUN in fundraising

Track real-time progress against your custom PARP reading and fundraising goals offering a fun and engaging competition for your readers.


Create the FUN in fundraising

Instantly connect your PARP school reading and fundraising story through your favorite social channels to increase pledge donation support.


Save time! Earn more!

In less than 30 minutes you can create and promote large school or small PARP fundraiser that is focused on giving back to your school.

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