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Read for My School is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Read for My School provides the tools for you to promote a custom reading and fundraising challenge that aligns to our core values - improving childhood literacy skills and giving back to schools.

Step 1: Read

Track real-time progress against your custom reading and fundraising goals offering a fun and engaging challenge for your readers.

Step 2: Share

Instantly connect your school reading and fundraising story through your favorite social channels to increase awareness and donation support.

Step 3: Pledge

In less than 30 minutes you can create and promote a custom fundraiser that is focused on getting kids to read and earning more for your school!

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Discover how education-based fundraising can work for you!

Do-It-Yourself fundraising that focuses on what is taught in the classroom - not products sold!


Save time and earn more for your school fundraiser with one volunteer resource - YOU!

Whether you are  PTA, PTO, or school administrator looking to promote a large school or small classroom fundraiser, you are in full control to create a custom reading and fundraising challenge that works for you - all within 30 minutes!

Custom fundraiser on your phone!

Manage real-time results of your reading and fundraising challenge across any mobile device!


Create the FUN in fundraising and promote a challenge that motivates kids to read books!

Set up custom reading and fundraising goals as well as a community leaderboard to drive hallway water fountain chatter and motivate children to their reading challenge finish line!

Achievement Badges!

Children unlock hidden reading and fundraising achievement badges against the goals you set!


Create a community reading and fundraising message that can be shared across any mobile device and social network.

All supporters have one-click access to share your reading and fundraising challenge to friends and family to generate community awareness and increase donation potential. 

Literacy Spotlight Series

My name is Nadine Haruni, and I am the author of The Freeda The Frog™️ Children’s Book series.   I am writing this article to explain a little bit about what the series is all about, the impetus for me writing this series, and why it is not only a helpful series for the kids, but can also be utilized as a useful tool for parents, teachers, guidance counselors, school psychologists, and therapists to open up a dialogue on an uncomfortable subject.  READ MORE

Why Read for My School?

With Read for My School, it's about connecting a fundraising solution to community benefits that delivers results.

Community Benefits

Simple, fast and effective fundraising solution for your PTA, PTO, library, or after school program to promote at anytime throughout the school year focused on delivering results against your community group goals!

School Benefits

Create a fun and engaging reading and fundraising challenge for students that will get school administrators and teachers excited to participate in the fun!

Home Benefits

Create a community fundraising message that promotes parent engagement outside of school and connection to read and give with child at home!

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So what are you waiting for? Let's start sharing the power of reading for your next school fundraiser!

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