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Creating a fundraiser on Read for My School is FREE and as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • No setup fees; minimum fundraising requirements
  • No time restrictions; run it when you want for as long as you need it
  • Supports school, grade-level, and classroom challenges
  • Set custom reading and fundraising goals; leaderboards; achievements
  • Custom recommended book lists - grade-level and theme
  • FREE in-app support
  • US (USD); UK (GBP); EU (EUR); Canada (CAD) and Australia (AUD) currency support

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Read for My School’s new donation "tips" pricing model provides an innovative way to raise money without the platform costs.

Our new donation tips pricing model allows organizations (example: non-profits; 501c3) to use Read for My School to get families excited about reading and fundraising without the worry of platform costs to support your campaign. That’s right, you get full access without restriction to the Read for My School platform FREE for your non-profit organization!
Our new donation tips pricing model works with Read for My School’s new tipping system, which relies on the generosity of your donors to cover the platform costs associated with your fundraiser. Donors are asked to “chip in” and leave a donation tip after making a pledge so that you don’t carry the cost of using the Read for My School platform.


Startup costs


Platform fees

With help from your donors, we can keep our reading and fundraising solution where for your organization receives 100%** profits!

Donor contributions from tips are non-refundable and help us keep the lights on so that we can provide a service for organizations that care about raising money through childhood literacy! 

** After Stripe processing fees (2.9% + .30) are deducted per donation transaction, your school keeps 100% of the profits!


Read for My School’s Service Fee pricing model provides an alternative business approach that doesn’t "double-dip" your donor’s pockets!
Our Service Fee pricing model option is designed for organizations looking to promote a Read for My School fundraiser with a pre-defined budget. Our Service Fee model provides a simple, flat-fee (15%**) taken from each online transaction that covers both your Stripe credit card processing and platform cost services.

We’ve received feedback from our customers that some organizations prefer to use a flat-rate service fee pricing model so that their donors aren’t prompted for tips on top of the generous donation being made to your fundraiser.

**RFMS Service Fee covers Stripe processing fees of 2.9% + .30 as well as platform costs to support your fundraiser.

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Got Questions? We Got Answers!

Not sure on what pricing model would work for your organization? Got questions on our credit card processing partner, Stripe? Check out our FAQs below.

What pricing model best fits my organizational needs?

It depends on how you want to engage your donors with your fundraiser. If you are a non-profit looking to keep 100% profits, choose our DONATION TIPS pricing model that only deducts your Stripe fees of 2.9% + .30 per online transaction made to your fundraiser. This solution provides you a way to keep all the profits while asking your donors to "chip in" and tip for the expenses of supporting your campaign through the Read for My School platform.

If you are an organization that already has a set budget that takes into consideration platform costs to support your fundraiser, you will want to choose our SERVICE FEE solution. This model provides a flat rate fee (currently 10%) that is taken out automatically per transaction that covers all platform costs (including Stripe's 2.9% + .30 per transaction costs) so you don't have to burden your donors to support the costs of your fundraiser.

Does my organization really receive 100% profits in the donation tips service model?

Yes! Our donation tips pricing model only deducts your Stripe credit card processing fees of 2.9% + .30 per online transaction. After the Stripe fee deduction, all of the profits from the online transaction are 100% going to support your fundraiser!

Why would an organization choose our service fee pricing model?

We've received a lot of customer feedback from organizations who don't want to burden donors with additional costs beyond the generosity of the pledge donation itself. Organizations who have a set budget - either through sponsorships or budget allocation - prefer a flat fee pricing model to create a deeper connection with their donors and their cause-marketing message.

As a result, we are providing organizations like yours choices providing a flexible platform solution that works for your budget!

What is Stripe and why does our organization need it?

Stripe is a 3rd party credit card processing company that handles all of the online pledge donation transactions for your fundraiser. Read for My School has partnered with Stripe due to its safe and secure handling of processing donations as well as services provided to our customers.

Stripe is FREE to setup and all online transaction fees associated with your RFMS fundraiser is taken care of through RFMS Service Fee so there are no costs you or your donors.

What information is required when creating your Stripe account?

To verify your business, Stripe requires the following for review:

  • Business ownership verification: We will confirm the identification information you provide when you set up your Stripe account.
  • Bank account ownership verification: We will confirm that the information on your account application matches the account owner of the bank account added to Stripe.
  • Physical location of business: We will confirm the physical address of your business.

IMPORTANT TIP: Please make sure that your business name matches your business tax ID (EIN) so that Stripe can process and approve your Stripe business account.

What are Stripe's business tax ID verification guidelines for businesses in US?

Below are guidelines of what business information commonly matches with the IRS, sorted by business type.

These are general guidelines; each business case is unique and this list is not a guarantee of a Tax ID match. See Using IRS documentation as reference when entering business name and tax ID number (TIN) for US-based businesses for instructions and additional information on how to find and enter your name and EIN.

Common identification guidelines by business type

  • Individual: Individual Name and Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Sole Proprietorship: Individual Name and SSN (or EIN, if your Sole Prop has one)
  • Single Member LLC that is disregarded for federal tax purposes:
  • If owned by an individual: the owner’s individual name and SSN or EIN. The LLC’s name or EIN should not be used.
  • If owned by a corporation or partnership: the owner’s name and EIN. The LLC’s name or EIN should not be used
  • LLC that is treated as Corporations or Partnerships for federal tax purposes: The LLC’s name and EIN
  • Corporation: Business Name and Entity’s EIN
  • Partnership: Business Name and Entity’s EIN
  • Tax Exempt Organization (e.g. Non Profits): Organization Name and Entity’s EIN as found on the IRS Tax Exempt Organization Search tool.
  • Other Entities: Enter your name and EIN as shown on required U.S. federal tax documents. This name and EIN should match the name and EIN shown on the charter or other legal document creating the entity.

For additional information on what name and TIN to provide, please see instructions in the IRS Form W-9.

What tax information is required to use Stripe as a non-profit 501c3 organization?

If you are a tax exempt organization (e.g. nonprofit organization) located in the United States and registered with the IRS, you can use Stripe by entering your Organization name and Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Tax exempt entities can be found on the IRS public Tax Exempt Organization Search tool. Search for your organization to identify the name and EIN stored on the IRS website: search here.

See Using IRS documentation as reference when entering business name and tax ID number (TIN) for US-based businesses for instructions and additional information on how to find and enter your name and EIN.

Who is responsible for payment disputes on my fundraiser?

You (or the organization that created the fundraiser) are responsible for all payment disputes that occur with your fundraiser on Read for My School. To view more, please see our Terms of Use

In the donation tips pricing model, when are donors asked to tip to support our fundraiser?

Donors will be asked to provide a tip when donating to your fundraiser to "chip in" and support the cost of your fundraiser on Read for My School. Donation options will be presented to the donor across all donation pages that support your fundraiser on Read for My School. All tip amounts received from your fundraiser on Read for My School are non-refundable and part of the online transaction of the donation.

Does the donation tips pricing model cover the platform costs for your fundraiser?

On average, if donors provide tips to support your fundraiser, it should cover your platform costs as well as keep the lights on to offer this innovative approach to fundraising. Your community support and impact through our tip-based pricing model is critical so we can maintain a platform service where school receive 100% profits.