Why storytelling is important in school fundraising

Storytelling is incredibly important in school fundraising because if crafted and delivered in the right way, it makes us think. The human brain is wired to think this way. Stories inform, educate, and help us make decisions we wouldn't have made if we didn't connect with them. In school fundraising, this is important since potential donors need to feel something about the community message you are delivering so they feel connected - either through participation or through a financial donation gift.

Here are some tips to think about when creating your own fundraising story for donors:

Keep it short and compelling enough so that potential donors understand your fundraising message. Use emotionally-charged language to help donors empathize with the story they're reading. This can inspire a sense of urgency and drive higher donation support.

Keep it real and highlight your fundraising objectives to gain donor trust. Relatable stories highlighting how you plan to use financial gifts from donors can truly touch people's hearts and strengthen your school's fundraising mission. The more donors know, the more they will feel connected to your fundraising story.

Be creative in how you want to deliver your story so that it resonates and connects with your community. Try using rich media content (images; video) to engage potential donors. While it doesn't need to be movie-quality, your additional effort to detail to convey your overall message goes a long way. When donors feel more connected with the work your organization does, they're more likely to give.

Every story connects differently with their community so take some time to think about your community message and why donors should care about your fundraiser. Obtain images to share, write out your goals, and even create a video that gets your community excited about the story you are about to tell. The more you are able to connect your story with potential donors, the greater the opportunity for you to raise more money for your school.

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