Take control and manage your fundraising profits directly from your donors!

An important factor in a successful digital-only school fundraiser is how to effectively manage incoming pledge donations as well as donor requests coming from your campaign. Unlike traditional product fundraising events where volunteers are needed to collect cash and checks, digital fundraisers allow you to take advantage of credit card processing systems that manage both incoming transactions (or pledge donations) from donors as well as money transfers to your organization's preferred bank account. 

As a digital fundraising platform service, we needed to provide our customers with the right solution, but also look at the whole process through a different lens. While there are a lot of payment systems out there, we set out to solve a simple question. Why do customers need to wait until the end of our fundraiser to collect the money generated through our fundraiser? Is there a payment processing solution out there that can provide all the benefits, but also provide our customers with direct access to their profits right away? Well, after some investigating we found a partner that could deliver our customers what they wanted...and more!

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a 3rd party credit card processing company that handles all of the online pledge donation transactions for your fundraiser through the Read for My School app. Read for My School has partnered with Stripe due to its safe and secure handling of processing donations as well as services provided to our customers. 

What are the benefits of Stripe?

The benefits of integrating Stripe into our fundraising platform addressed all of our customer requests

  • A service that is FREE to set up and provides a safe and secure payment processing system that is a market leader!
  • Customers have direct access to their fundraising profits right away! No need to wait until the end of the fundraiser and wait for their check.
  • Instant access to every donor transaction made to manage ongoing requests, questions, or payment disputes.
  • Real-time financial reporting - including federal tax reporting
  • Seamless integration with your preferred bank account and flexibility to manage payment transfers when you need it.
  • While there are a lot of fundraising companies out there, you might want to ask yourself what would be the benefits of managing your fundraising profits directly with your donors. Whether it is using your profits to reward participation or to buy the items needed to promote a successful fundraiser, you might find it changes how you plan out managing your money and connection with donors.

    If you have additional questions on Stripe or would like to understand more about the benefits of managing your fundraising profits directly, contact our in-app support team. We are here to help!

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