June 10

How will COVID-19 impact your Fall school fundraising plans?


As the COVID-19 pandemic cancelled many Spring fundraising plans due to school closures, the next question most PTAs, PTOs and school administrators are faced with is the long-term impact to school fundraising strategies as states loosen restrictions and schools start to open up this Fall.

With Fall fundraising planning already underway, we wanted to answer some questions that have come from our customers as community groups seek alternative solutions to meet the fundraising demands that schools require.

Q: How will social distancing impact fundraising strategies moving forward?

A: The simple answer is YES! The more complicated question is how will it transform our strategies since fundraising as always been about communities working together for a common cause.

Most believe that fundraisers that require community gatherings to work properly will be impacted in the short-term since social distancing restricts the ability for these fundraisers to work properly. Fundraising themes like school carnivals, movie nights, jog-a-thons and other community-based fundraisers will need to think "out of the box" since the investment required might outweigh it's participation rate to drive fundraising profits.

Q: Where do you see growth in the fundraising marketplace?

A: If there is an area of growth or trends to come out of COVID-19 pandemic, it would have to be the emergence of digital-based fundraising. Unlike community-based fundraisers like jog-a-thons or carnivals, digital-based fundraising can be done anywhere and comply with all of your social distancing requirements for Fall. We also see digital fundraising go beyond the "donation page experience" and establish a deeper connection with the end consumer - which includes playing an active role in the fundraiser. 

Q: When is a good time to start planning for our next fundraiser?

A: Planning plays a critical part in the success of a school fundraiser, but without additional details as to how schools will reopen, it will become challenging to say the least. We believe in working with our customers and designing the right fundraising plan is never too early so reach out to our support team of experts to see how we can help you. 

Even during these challenging times, we need to work together so that when you do need to raise money for your school, you have a plan in place and are ready to go!


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