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Have a quick question about our reading and fundraising solution? Check out some of our most common questions below.

How long does it take to set up my custom read-a-thon?

You can set up your custom read-a-thon in less than 30 minutes if you follow our new Quick Start Guide. It provides you with step-by-step instruction on everything from creating your Read for My School account to managing and promoting your event. 

What type of fundraisers can I create on Read for My School? 

Whether you are looking to promote a large school, grade-level or small classroom reading challenge, Read for My School provides your PTA, PTO, HSA or school complete control on how you want to build out your reading and fundraising challenge. 

With Read for My School's team builder tool, you can determine how you want to construct your challenge - single team for small classroom challenges to 20+ teams for large school fundraisers. If you need assistance, please talk to our support team. We can assist you in building out your teams so that it works for your school needs.

Are there any set up costs or restrictions with using Read for My School?

There are no set up costs, contracts, or time restrictions for using Read for My School. You can promote your reading and fundraising challenge when you want and for as long as you need it. Our goal is to provide you with a flexible read-a-thon solution that works with you and delivers on your reading and fundraising goals!

What is Stripe and why do I need it?

Stripe is a 3rd party credit card processing company that handles all of the online pledge donation transactions for your fundraiser. Read for My School has partnered with Stripe due to its safe and secure handling of processing donations as well as services provided to our customers.

Stripe is FREE to setup and all online transaction fees associated with your RFMS fundraiser is taken care of through RFMS Service Fee so there are no costs you or your donors.

When do I get paid from Stripe?

Once you create your Stripe account, you will receive weekly (Monday) payments wired directly to your bank account for all online pledge donations that came into your fundraiser from the previous week. 

Read for My School provides you and your donors a white label credit card payment processing solution that is FREE to set up and support so you can focus on more important things - like getting kids excited about reading and giving back to your school!

What type of currencies does Read for My School support through Stripe?

Read for My School supports US (USD), UK (GBP) and EU (Euro) currencies. We are always looking to support new territories so please send us a request via our in-app support to discuss your fundraising requirements. 

What type of FREE in-app support services does RFMS provide?

Quality customer care is Read for My School's #1 goal and works with you to make sure your read-a-thon is the best it can be. When you create your FREE account, a support team expert will be assigned to your account to help you every step of the way.

Whether you need help with setting up your fundraiser or tips on how to get the most profits, our support team experts will guide you so you can concentrate on what's most important - getting kids excited about reading!!

How does Read for My School make money?

While RFMS is FREE to setup and FREE to use, RFMS applies a small service fee associated with online pledge donation payments collected through the RFMS web app. The RFMS Service Fee** covers all the reading and fundraising services we provide you to create, manage and promote your fundraiser.

That’s right, we only start making money when you do!

** RFMS Service Fee included Stripe payment processing fee (2.9% + 0.30) per online pledge donation.

Does Read for My School provide materials that helps promote my read-a-thon?

YES! Read for My School knows that fundraising is challenging so we've created materials that you can download instantly through our toolkit. RFMS also provides customized faculty and parent letters that you can build and print out to help promote and support your read-a-thon launch. 

If you have custom requests, please reach out to our in-app support team so we can help understand your reading and fundraising needs.

Can this fundraiser work with one volunteer resource?

YES! Read for My School is built so that you promote a school read-a-thon and manage it with one volunteer resource - YOU! RFMS provides the software tools and FREE in-app support to help you create, manage and promote a custom reading challenge without any assistance from other volunteer resources or school faculty.

From creating your community fundraising message to building out and inviting your team members to join your fundraiser, Read for My School's software provides you step-by-step instruction to set up your challenge quickly and more importantly, by yourself!

If you have questions, please reach out to a support team representative who can help you get your reading challenge off the ground!

Can I create a reading challenge for my classroom?

YES! Read for My School provides you with the tools to create a custom reading challenge for your classroom. Just create your FREE account and in your administrator dashboard, create a classroom team that you can manage. 

To build a team, go to your TEAMS page and select CREATE TEAM. Then, invite your parents and students to join the team you created through your custom parent letter. Once your students are registered, you are ready to go! 

Quick Tip: Create reading and fundraising goals for both your team as well as individual students that aligns to the goals you are looking to reach with your classroom challenge. You can even set up a custom leaderboard to track individual progress! It's a great way to drive excitement for your classroom challenge and motivate kids to read books.

If you have questions, please reach out to a support team representative who can help you get your reading challenge off the ground!

So what are you waiting for? Let's get kids excited about reading and learning the importance of giving back!

Our #1 goal is to provide quality customer care to make your fundraising experience on Read for My School the best it can be.

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