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Check out our support resources to help you create, manage and promote a successful reading and fundraising challenge for your school. Please contact our support team if you are looking for something custom to be developed.

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We've put together some materials below to help you promote your reading and fundraising challenge. If you are looking for something custom for your school, please reach out to our support team.

A description of our program as well as services that you can share with others.

Follow our 30-day communication plan with tips on how to launch on time and to drive higher participation rates.

A simple parent letter that you can customize and translate to provide instruction for parents and students.

11 x 17 posters to hang in the classroom to promote reading and fundraising achievements in the classroom.

11 x 17 achievement badge certificates to hand out to your top performing students in the classroom.

11 x 17 promotional poster that you can customize and hang to support promoting your school fundraiser.

Create a custom weekly summary report of your reading and fundraising progress to your school supporters.

Looking for prize rewards for your students? Download some simple ideas that will get your students excited about participating in your fundraiser.

Looking for ideas on when to promote your reading challenge? Here are some wonderful ideas that you can use throughout the school year.

Need a fundraising plan? Download our 20/20 Challenge that focuses on reading 20 minutes a day while fundraising for 20 school days (one calendar month).

Promotional poster you can use to highlight your 20/20 Challenge.

Use our corporate matching form template to communicate with your Donors that are tracked within the app.